Fichi secchi al cioccolato (chocolate dipped dried figs)- Calabria
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Categories: Vegetarian, Gluten free, Dairy free*use dairy free chocolate, Quick and Easy
When I first tried dried figs dipped in chocolate, I found a surprisingly familiar crunch. The figs were stuffed with almonds before they were dipped in chocolate. A bit of the candied oranges, cuts the sweetness of the figs for a perfect mouthful. Naked, without the chocolate, they are traditional dessert in Calabria.
Recipe type: Dessert (Dolci)
Cuisine: Calabria
Serves: 24 pieces
  • 24 dried figs
  • 24 almonds, preferably marcona
  • 24 pieces candied orange zest or 1 orange zested
  • 350 grams dark chocolate, chopped
  1. Heat the oven 135C.
  2. Line a baking tray with parchment paper.
  3. Pinch the fig tip and flatten slightly so they are about the same shape. Cut the tip off the fig.
  4. Make a cut into the top of the fig. Push an almond inside and a piece of orange peel (If using orange zest, dip the almonds in the zest before pushing into the fig.
  5. Squeeze the fig to close.
  6. Place on the baking tray and bake for 20 minutes.
  7. Turn the figs over and bake for another 20 minutes. The figs will darken slightly. Cool on a wire rack.
  8. Line a baking tray with parchment paper.
  9. The chocolate needs to be tempered to align the cocoa butter crystals in the chocolate. When chocolate is tempered properly it will be shiny and snap when broken. If it is not tempered properly it will be dull and/or streaky and be more pliable in texture.
  10. Place 230 grams of chocolate in a bain marie or a bowl of water which tightly fits over a saucepan and set aside.
  11. In the saucepan, bring 3 cm of water to boil ensuring that the level of water will not touch the bottom of the bowl and turn off the heat. Water and steam will make the chocolate seize.
  12. Place the bowl with the chocolate over the saucepan of boiling water. Use a thermometer to be certain of the temperature and stir the chocolate until it reaches 50-55C. Make sure it does not exceed 55C. Once it reaches the correct temperature, remove the bowl from the boiling water and place it on a tea towel.
  13. Stir in the remaining 150 grams of chocolate. When the temperature reaches 31-32C the chocolate is ready (do not allow it to go over 32C).
  14. Dip one of the figs into the chocolate and let it come to room temperature and see if it streaks. If it doesn’t streak, work quickly to dip the figs in the chocolate halfway.
  15. When removing the fig from the chocolate dip the tip of it 3 times to remove any excess chocolate so that it does not pool.
  16. Place the figs on the paper lined tray so that they do not touch. Let the chocolate harden and then they are ready to serve.
  17. They can be placed in a sealed container, layered between sheets of parchment for up to 3 months.
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